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Design patent by Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (Spain)

Designed by Katarzyna Szarek and Janusz Sobczyk.

Avatar module set consists of a 2 -person sofa, 2 armchairs and a pouf. Thanks to a system of hooks, parts can be attached and detached from one other. The module system gives the possibility to combine all elements into various configurations depending on the user’s needs. It allows you to make rearrangements with the same set of furniture. The backrests have a regulated height and they can also be completely removed to form a comfortable sleeping area. The sofa has an optional linen compartment.

We use the finest construction materials and Wind is based on a beech-wood frame. The seat consists of high quality, soft foam and Bonnell springs to provide the ultimate comfort for everyday use.

We offer a large variety of upholstery. The client or interior designer can customize all products to match their needs. We use the best quality materials from Polish importers.

Available upholstery: fabric, eco-leather, leather

Convertible: no

Linen compartment: yes/no

Sleeping area: 204 x 140 cm

type width height depth
module system20480140
2-pers. sofa1408082

Size may differ slightly from the listed dimensions
due to the soft finish of the furniture.

Suggested Prices [BRUTTO]

group of fabrics: I II III IV V VI natural
set: sofa, 2x armchair, pouf3470380041404480481051507230
2-pers. sofa1968205221692295241225383294