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Sofa Okey


Sofa Okey

Design patent by Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (Spain)

Designed by Katarzyna Szarek.

This product is from Yanomebel’s designer line of sofas. Convenience and simplicity are two features that outline Okey. Easy usage is a very important quality when it comes to everyday use. Sofa is made of the finest quality materials. Soft foams and zig-zag springs used in the construction provide high endurance and comfort for users.

We offer a large variety of upholstery. The client or interior designer can customize all products to match their needs. We use the best quality materials from Polish importers.

Available upholstery: fabric, eco-leather, leather

Convertible: yes/no

Linen compartment: yes/no

Sleeping area: 162 x 202 cm / 142 x 202 cm / 122 x 202 cm / 102 x 202 cm.

type width height depth
sofa 707277103
sofa 808277103
sofa 10010277103
sofa 12012277103
sofa 14014277103
sofa 16016277103
sofa 18018277103

Size may differ slightly from the listed dimensions
due to the soft finish of the furniture.

Suggested Prices [BRUTTO]

group of fabrics: I II III IV V VI natural
sofa 7012501290132013601410--
sofa 8012901340140014401490--
sofa 1001340149016301780193020802990
sofa 1201380152016701820197021103030
sofa 1401450159017401890204021903110
sofa 1601710186020102160230024503370
sofa 18019802210244026702860--